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Spring Has Sprung: Rompers & Such

Floral Romper and Cross-body Bag
One of my favorite things about the changing weather is the change of wardrobe that follows suit.

During the springtime my melanin starts to get its glow back and my legs are finally freed to say ‘HELLO’ to all they meet. My absolute favorite trend for warmer, sunny days is the ever-reliable, super-easy, cozy-comfy romper.
It’s like, yes please do combine both a shirt and shorts (or in some cases, pants) and help me live my best life!

Floral Romper with Cross-body bag

This romper, in particular, is my favorite…shhhhhhh, don’t tell the rest of my closet!
From its lively, rosy pattern to it’s elegant bell sleeves, this one’s definitely a keeper. It’s perfect for–say, catching a show in the city or even hitting up a music festival in the park. I always feel a) nice and cool in the cottony linen material, and b) like I look like $1 million, even if I barely paid $30 for it!
Floral Romper with Cross-body bag
Side by side floral romper and cross-body bag
It’s such a versatile piece, too. Going out to dinner with friends? Pair it with some low-cut booties (as pictured above), or if you’re trying to really knock ’em dead, ditch the flats and try a pair of strappy, black sandals with a chunky heel.
Floral Romper
And in case you were wondering, “Oh, so now she’s a fashion blogger, huh?”
Um, no. I’m not a fashion blogger, per se. But, I do love putting together outfits and cheesin’ in them from time to time.
Plus, as a person, I’m constantly changing, so I imagine my blog will change with me. AKA “I do what I want!
Still the same God-loving weirdo you know and love–just trying to rekindle some old creative passions, is all.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Floral Romper with Cross-body bag and green cut-out Booties

Floral Romper & Cognac Cross-body Bag – Forever 21

Green Cut-Out Booties ($29.99) –

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