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Why I am Learning to Smile & Grow

You may or may not have noticed the title change on my blog. If you did–10 points to Gryffindor.

If you didn’t–no biggie. It was a little change I decided upon a few days ago, and I just kind of rolled with it. My original blog name, superfluous whimsy, while cute and all just didn’t seem to truly reflect what I want my blog space to be all about.

Hence the “learning to smile and grow” part. Because it’s true. I am learning to smile more (if you catch, or better yet sing, the Hamilton reference, 10 more points to Griffyndor!). I find that I tend to take myself way too seriously sometimes, and while it’s not a bad thing overall, sometimes it’s better to just let things go. Don’t sweat the small stuff and move on, you know? All that good stuff. Or should I say, sometimes one must simply grow from those experiences and move on ahead. See what I did there?

You don’t?


Anyway, the other half of my brand-spanking-new blog name suggests that I am also learning to grow. Which sounds weird, like how do you learn to grow? Well, by just growing, I guess. It’s all a process, isn’t it? I guess what I mean by learning to smile and grow is that I am still learning how to be okay with growth. Like growing is hard, man. Seriously. Think about it.

Whenever you’re faced with a new situation, maybe it’s difficult, scary, sad or just plain unfamiliar–isn’t it hard to just let go and let be?

If it isn’t for you, I’m impressed, because for me…well, let’s just say me and new experiences, we’re slow to warm. We’re not pals, or buds. We’re awkward and uncomfortable. We’re uneasy and a little nauseous. We’re like Javert and Valjean–one relentlessly chasing, the other desperate to evade by any means possible. You can guess which one is me (and if you didn’t get that reference, we have nothing further to discuss).

Long story, short: change is inevitable and you can either embrace it or run from it. Either way it’s going to catch up to you. You just have to decide what kind of shape you want to be in when it comes: cowardly or courageous. And it’s okay if sometimes you’re both.

So there you have it. Learning to smile and also learning to laugh at myself sometimes, because I’m mostly ridiculous. As well as learning to grow, because you don’t get anywhere by never taking a leap or even small step towards change.

And I’ve found that most of the fun in living is embracing the growth that God put in front of you, so that you can become all He wants you to be.

And if that’s not motivation enough, I really don’t know what is.


















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