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Half Love

Half love

Half love is leaving a kiss on the lips but no note to say when you’ll be back again. 

Half love is picking up the bill for dinner and half-heartedly hugging goodbye, only to never be heard from again.

Half love is stealing a kiss as the music picks up – one that was never meant for you at all.

Half love is unrequited.

Half love is sweet-nothings whispered into the wee hours of the night and waking up alone.

Half love is unintentional.

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Half love is fearful and hesitant – never fully sure of itself or its power.

Half love is three dreaded meetings and three hailed cabs back home empty-handed.

Half love is silly wagers made – with no real winners in the end.

Half love is feeling disposable.

Half love is fearful and hesitant - never fully sure of itself or its power. Click To Tweet

Half love is phone calls and messages that leave you craving for just one more minute.

Half love is giving only so much, taking much more and calling it ‘love’.

Half love is not love at all, dear one – please, do not fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

And if you mistakenly do – listen here, “you are too full of life to be half loved”.

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May you wait patiently for wholeheartedly.

I am too full of life to be half loved.

– Ijeoma Umbinyuo

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Twenty-something, lover of Jesus. I like animals (esp. dogs), Fun-Fetti cupcakes and yoga. I love God and do my best to love others. I hate too-warm weather and socks that fall into your shoes when you walk. I'm a huge fan of Christian rap and cold, sunny days.

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