Fashion Diaries


  • ✌🏾that kind of Saturday.
  • Skills include: asking strangers to pet their dogs 🐾 what can I say? #itsagift
  • With Hamilton, himself. @michaelluwoye was amazing and I literally cried in the opening number. So, that's how my day went. #Hamilton
  • Mom: "Where are you taking me?"
Me: "I'm about to change your life."
Mom: "What?" #exactly #hamilton #shnsf
  • Talking about stepping into God's calling as a leader on the blog today. Check it out - the link is in my bio ☝🏾"You guys know me. I’m an introvert, not a leader. 
At least that’s what I thought, and what my stomach was telling me as it knotted itself up inside. Here I was, a newbie–well, a somewhat newbie, about to take on a leadership role in our church’s young adults’ ministry."
  • Obligatory "enjoying the summer weather" post.

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